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Another Day

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Recorded to 4-Track using a Tascam Portastudio mkII, for 'Heartbleedsradio 4-Track Challenge'.
All recording and mixing directly to tape.
All tracks are single takes.

Acoustic Guitar and Guitar overdubs tracked by electric pickup and dynamic mic through mixer onto separate tracks, and bounced onto single track.

Drums tracked with Stereo Overhead and Kick (3 Dynamic Mics) through mixer onto 2 tracks, and then bounced onto single track.

Lead and backing vox tracked separately with large diaphragm condenser mic from mixer, through an Art Proverb 200 onto separate tracks.

Tape mixed down directly from the Portastudio to Soundforge wav/flac/mp3.
Big Thank You to Chuck Lindo of American Professionals for the use of his Tascam Portastudio mkII.