Alex Jimenez’ vocals and sound transplanted me back in time. His lyrics tell a story of a distant past and joyful memories. 'Forming teams for a game of capture the flag/ Life was good and life was grand/ I had no issues/ Had no plans,' he sings. 'Thingmahoo' really stands out when the guitar comes out heavy and full, blending with the subtle drumming and vocals. Jimenez’ style of ’90s power pop has never sounded better.” - Rachel Goodman

Riff Magazine

Alex’s EP Inside was a creative mix of new and old. The overall sound was warm with an analog feel that makes each song inviting and engaging. He was able to utilize great guitar tones to capture the sound of the early 90's, while his songwriting reflects our current times. What a great way to lose yourself this summer and find out what’s 'inside'.” - Victoria Boyington

Balanced Breakfast

Alex’s music is rhythmic and engaging and his songs come straight from his heart. He’s a notable guitarist and his singing is both powerful and sweetly melodic.” - Alan Monasch

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Alex Jimenez is one of the most caring and big hearted men I've met on the road. He loves music and musicians in a way that brings tears to my eyes. I always said that if you do anything in this world with honesty and passion, you'd be the first person to do it, and he by far, held the reigns of one of the best shows I have ever seen.” - VJ Thesis-Sekar


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