Musician. Technician. Geek.

A product of the early San Francisco indie music scene, Alex Jimenez has spent the majority of his life creating music to share with his fellow musicians and community. An avid guitar player and singer, Alex is currently focusing on his solo work, a blend of acoustic pop meets gritty blues.

Alex started playing guitar at a young age. His parents bought him his first guitar when he was 8 years old, and he started taking guitar lessons when he was in the 3rd grade. During his school years, he only fiddled around and learned songs by listening to the radio and playing along, until the 90's, when he joined his first band Street Pigeon, playing bass. He moved to San Francisco from the East Bay and played in numerous bands as a bass player, ranging from metal to alternative to funk.

In 2001, he started writing songs, and formed the acoustic duo Ms.Quito with artist/performer Allison Hennessey. Shortly after, he independently released his first EP ‘Mosquito Tracks... songs about Love, Loss, and Money’. In 2012, he released his first album ‘The Acoustik Projekt’, with drummer Mark Edgar. That same year, his 2 year, fifteen show odyssey, 'The Usual Suspects Songwriter Showcase', and its stepchild 'Songwriters in the Round' became critical favorites, showcasing some of the Bay Area’s finest talent. In 2019 he released his EP, ‘Inside’, produced by Ryan Clark, and is currently recording his new album, 'Another Day' with producer Scott Mickelson.

 Alex can also be seen currently moonlighting as full time rocking bass player for the Bay Area's beloved Thunderegg.