Another Day album cover art

I wanted to finally share this. It's the cover to my upcoming album, Another Day!! I've been sitting on this for awhile and couldn't wait any longer, lol. I love it so much. Now that the new single is released, we're on the final laps to finish tracking this project. Art is by the incomparable Scott Mickelson, who's talent is not just on stage or behind the mixer. The man is an art school graduate, and when I first told him my idea for the cover, he jumped on it. It's based on the theme for the album, of just another day in the life of a cat and his robot. The album is being released on vinyl and I can't wait to see this picture in glorious 12x12.

The album will be a gatefold. The back cover will be our cat protagonist, in his spacesuit zipping through space. Inside the gatefold will be lyrics to all the songs, the liner notes, and a series of 6 portraits of me. It'll be the same picture, but drawn/painted by 6 different artists, including Marta Wit, Mario Noche, and others! Super excited to have my artist friends involved in the design of the album.

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